On Premise Virtualization, Hybrid or Private Cloud Deployments

Deciding to utilize your own environment for virtualization is a big step and one that requires significant knowledge and skills to complete successfully. Whether a small installation or one that spans multiple locations, states and countries, our engineers, with more than 10 years of experience building data centers, can ensure a successful deployment.

Infrastructure Design Consulting

Custom infrastructure, network, server, and cloud design services involve employing a number of industry best practices and tools to arrive at the infrastructure that will drive your company into the future. Our ares of expertise reside in: VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Fortinet, Cisco, App Virtualization, Server Virtualization, Network Security, Two Factor Authentication, cloud migrations, and Private & Hybrid Cloud, and the building of ultra high performance and redundant cloud infrastructure. Our team also has extensive knowledge in design of ultra high available systems using scheduled and real-time data replication.

24/7 Server Management and Monitoring Support

Relax and sleep well knowing your team of experts are on the job watching over your critical servers and IT assets. Our U.S. based Network Operations Center continuously monitors all server and network infrastructure to ensure RAM, DISK, CPU, Bandwidth, and Uptime are all in within acceptable parameters. When there’s an issue, our team gets to work to fix it. In addition to monitoring, routine maintenance tasks are also performed such as vulnerability scans, Windows patch updates, log file review and system health checks to ensure optimal performance.

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